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Tree Stories

I do believe that every organization is like a tree.
You have to be rooted, the flow of information is like the flow of water in the tree, the trunk holds the branches, and the fruits needs water to be juicy and delicate.

I love to tell stories in Kings Garden. There is a wonderful coppar beech, that is so beautiful. Wednesday the 13. of Aigust we will invite swedish and danish storytellers to tell their stories, while the castle from 1604, Rosenborg is listening in the background.

You will find more about this event here:
Guidelines to become a better storyteller
Ch. 1 – "Interplay or interaction" – a story on the basis of storytelling
Ch. 2 – "An interesting story" - how to find stories
Ch. 3 – "Learn a new story" - two strategies for learning stories
Ch. 4 – "King and servant" – take and give responsibility
Ch. 5 – "Images and meaning" - two sides of the same coin
Ch. 6 – "Who is telling stories?" – simple answer: Everybody
Ch. 7 – "How to collect stories" – ooops stories as well
Ch. 8 – "The organizational tree" – I -, we – and future

Ch. 1 – Interplay or interaction

"I started teaching storytelling in 1994.
We offered our students a program with two lessons twice a week in four months. I had to prepare 26 lessons filled with theory, practical exercises and inspiration to work out side the classroom.
When I started my preparations, I realized how little I knew about the subject. At the time I had been a theatre director …

101 Storytelling in Washington D.C.

The 8. of may I will be doing a workshop with Steve Denning on the basis tool of storytelling.

I will focus on the interplay, the most important thing in storytelling - Dario Fo, from Italy, the winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize for Literature and a wonderful storyteller: "The audience has always been my litmus paper, every second. Are you able to listen to them, does the audience conduct you like a conductor of a major orchestra? But sorry that storyteller that get flattered and carried away; the audience can also be your wild horse, that throws you off the saddle"

It is a revolution going on. We have to rethink our way of communication.

The responsibility of the communication is not just the sender, it is a mutual work. We are used to one way communication, that it will a while to understand the real transformation.

It makes your preparation as a communicator very interesting. Your focus have to move away from the content of your communication.

You can find more about the workshop…