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101 Storytelling in Washington D.C.

The 8. of may I will be doing a workshop with Steve Denning on the basis tool of storytelling.

I will focus on the interplay, the most important thing in storytelling - Dario Fo, from Italy, the winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize for Literature and a wonderful storyteller: "The audience has always been my litmus paper, every second. Are you able to listen to them, does the audience conduct you like a conductor of a major orchestra? But sorry that storyteller that get flattered and carried away; the audience can also be your wild horse, that throws you off the saddle"

It is a revolution going on. We have to rethink our way of communication.

The responsibility of the communication is not just the sender, it is a mutual work. We are used to one way communication, that it will a while to understand the real transformation.

It makes your preparation as a communicator very interesting. Your focus have to move away from the content of your communication.

You can find more about the workshop…