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Guidelines to become a better storyteller
Ch. 1 – "Interplay or interaction" – a story on the basis of storytelling
Ch. 2 – "An interesting story" - how to find stories
Ch. 3 – "Learn a new story" - two strategies for learning stories
Ch. 4 – "King and servant" – take and give responsibility
Ch. 5 – "Images and meaning" - two sides of the same coin
Ch. 6 – "Who is telling stories?" – simple answer: Everybody
Ch. 7 – "How to collect stories" – ooops stories as well
Ch. 8 – "The organizational tree" – I -, we – and future

Ch. 1 – Interplay or interaction

"I started teaching storytelling in 1994.
We offered our students a program with two lessons twice a week in four months. I had to prepare 26 lessons filled with theory, practical exercises and inspiration to work out side the classroom.
When I started my preparations, I realized how little I knew about the subject. At the time I had been a theatre director …