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New Year

I fearNew Year
I hope People
(I know it doesn´t rhyme)
will give us reason to believe
a new way like a play
to do things together not alone so the world will swim and not sink like a stone
The future depends if we can make it without bureaucrats
(no rhyme there as well, I know!)
Look at the word, it looks like something from Disney - the bureaucrats
The film should have a very simple story line: The bureaucrats will leave their offices Throw away the papers with numbers and figures and controlling methods.
Then they will start live a life together with the real people
And they will apologize for all the effort that humanity gave to all this papers, excell documents, controls and academic waste of time and they will all start playing some wildly complicated jazz and we will all let them because playing wild complicated jazz does not harm people like papers, excell documents and controls.


Our premier minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen is tired. Understandable. Let us face it. In UN he is an amateur. And the only pro around, Connie Hedegaard, wasn´t allowed to have a success. If you ask why that, I think the major reason is Danish Folkparty (a right wing party that is part of the government) - no goood! This country needs another support party!

I am looking forward to christmas

I am looking forward to Christmas – there are things that I really enjoy: Spending time with my family, see the excitement in the eyes of the children, sing in the church and the smell in the kitchen Christmas eve. But these joyful moments are not what I am thinking about when I say that I am looking forward to Christmas.What I am really looking forward to is with the word of Grundtvig to reach beyond christianity, to find traces of a lifestyle connected to nature.
At the brake of dawn on the 25. of december I will go out in the open countryside where I live, find the darkest spot and hopefully my eye will glance at a wonderful phenomena.I will look towards southeast and find Sirius, the brightest star in the heaven. Sirius is placed on the heaven exactly on the spot, where the sun is soon to rise. I will find Orions Belt, three stars on line, placed on top of the bright shining star – I don´t lye to you, it is as there is a line drawn from the Belt to Sirius and the line points direct…

Dall Energy Furnace

A modern school thinker from 1836 - oral, respect and conversation

The living wordIn Grundtvig’s preface to his 1832 study of Scandinavian mythology, Nordens mytologi [Nordicmythology], the first glimpses can be seen of the Danish folk high school of the future:There will be the common centre from which the institution branches out into all the main lines of practical life, andback to which it endeavours to gather and unite all the energies of society. Here, all the civil servants of the state whodo not need scholarship but life, insight and practical ability, and all those who wish to belong to the rank of theeducated should get the very best chance of developing themselves in a suitable direction and of getting to know oneanother.6Although Grundtvig’s ideas for a folk high school are in the merest embryonic form in ‘Nordicmythology', nevertheless, this work does contain a full dress-rehearsal for Grundtvig’s later attackson the ‘Schools for Death’, as he called the Latin grammar schools. Latin is ridiculed mercilessly;its literature Grundtvig c…

Storytelling is a modern thing - internet and the rest is so oldfashion

Two-Way CommunicationImagine a group of managers discussing what to do about communication. One says: “Why don´t we try with storytelling?” and starts explain that stories can make complex messages understandable. The other managers are sceptical. They don´t understand, it sounds a little strange and very modern.The managers are right. Storytelling (oral!) is strange and very modern.Old fashion medias - books, Radio, TV, Movies and in many ways also the Internet (even though it is a more active from of communication it is still based on dead computers) - have one thing in common: They are based on one way communication. So in one sense it gives meaning to say that they don´t really care about you. You can fall in love, you can change your life, you can spend your time eating water melon or fish budding, you can die - they don´t care, because they can´t feel you.It is the same with power point presentations: The speaker doesn´t really care about you. The whole set up is finished and y…
Billederne på bordetMødet
Der sidder en mand på 67 år overfor mig ved det runde spisebord i stuelejligheden i forstaden Glostrup. Han læner sig frem for at se de fotografier, jeg har med til ham. Et sort/hvidt billede af en gammel motorcykel, en række mennesker foran en stor bondegård, en ung arbejder stående med rygende bly på Poul Bergsøe og Søn. Jeg ser på manden, en fremmed.Manden er min far.Jeg kan ikke huske, at jeg nogen sinde har siddet sådan. Koncentreret om at finde ud af, hvem han er, hvad han står for og hvad jeg kan lære af ham.Min far gik på arbejde, jeg husker Larsen og Nielsen Betonelementfabrik, hvor Brøndby Strands beton blev støbt. Det var min far, der skabte elementerne i Brøndby Strands grå mure.Min storesøster døde, da jeg var 8 år og efter det begyndte der en tid for mig med masser af ballade, oprør og tisse i bukserne. Min far stod på sidelinjen og lod mig forbløde i min mors følsomhed. Den tids mænd overlod al føleri til deres koner, der så passende kunne blive…

Reklame for Kurs i Muntligt Berättande Ljungby

Du kan tilmelde dig vårkursen 2010 her

Kurs Muntligt Berättande i teori och praksis

Reklam för Kurs på Högskolan på Gotland, Högskolacentrum & Sagomuseet, Ljungby våren 2010 - tid at tilmelde sig!!

Ljungby Storytelling Festival -

Her er hele videoen fra Ljungby Berättarfestival, Kurs Muntligt Berättande, teori och praksis.
I am excited. I have been blogging for a week now and is looking for first comment. Who is being be the first person telling me, that he or she actually reads what I am writing?I think I am going to send an e mail to my wife :-)
I am in Ljungby to one of the biggest storytelling festivals in Scandinavia. For 20 years these people have been organizing this event. I heard my former colleague Anders Granström telling a story that I have heard three times, first at a dinner table somewhere along the road, next in Kings Garden and now here. Still it made me cry, he is good!!!

In this moment, as I write these lines in a train bound for Ljungby Storytelling Festival, Thaler Pekar, a wonderful New Yorker filled with great knowledge on how stories can transform organizations is going to deliver a workshop on Sustainable Storysharing, and will be sharing a quote of mine,

“We enter into the world by listening to stories about it. We begin changing the world by telling about it.”

My daughter is in Ghana, Africa and my words are spreaded all over the world. Great feeling! I miss my daughter, though, I don´t miss my words :-)
Stein Bagger, Ronaldo, rain puring down in June, financial crisis - the world is trembling. Answers: Human Beings being human.
I am choked - on behalf of my children I have to shout: Beware. Please look at this: Stein Bagger is accused of fraud for app. 150 mill. Euro. See the video of a star. He is cool, he is elegant and he ask the photographers: Did you get your pictures? And he turns around, so everyone can have the best shot. This world is really in a moral crisis. Did any of the photographers ask them selves what they were doing?
Ronaldo - a soccer player is worth 150 mill. Euro. Crisis? What crisis?

I visited a special school and made them tell stories. Great lies and big creativity. Then I told them stories from my own life. One of the boys had told the teacher he did not want to tell stories and he thought it was a waste of time - he made a drawing of the TV set in my story about my sister, that you can read in my book, see - I told the teacher to start from there. Let them make drawings inspired by the story. He was delighted and filled with energy when I left him. It is going to be e…
I am going to Ljungby Berättarfestival tomorrow and I am going to teach students how to tell a story, visit Ljungby City Council for improvement of their stories and holding a workshop on Organizational Storytelling. For the first time in the six years I have been at the festival, I am not going to tell stories - So Steve Denning is right: I am no longer a storyteller, I am a business person.
One of the things I find interesting is how to ask questions that stimulates stories, questions that is answered by a narrative example. I will try figure out whether or not anybody else is doing research on this. Return with more.

Funny how things change. This is history, like digging in the past. I don´t tell stories anymore, I don´t arrange stories in Kings Garden, I don´t make stories, the only picture in this film that is updated is the Novozymes picture, I still work for companies and help them tell their stories. If you want to buy my stories, you can buy them on - a shop with stories in danish and english will soon be online.

Stories in Kings Garden, Copenhagen

For 10 years I arranged Stories under the Branches of a tree. This is last night in Kings Garden for me. Now someone else has to take over.
Interaction is the key word for storytellers.