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Storytelling in Radical Management

A group of business innovators will explore the link between the new way of organizing the workplace and the ancient way of communication.The event will take place in Budapest, Hungary the 28th and 29th of March - read more here.
The Radical Management introduces a serious of new communication challenges, where Storytelling is the key to success.
The new way of leadership requires communication based on open dialogue and direct actions. When you use stories to create trust, it starts the open dialogue with your costumer and continues in the open processes within your organization, that is the pathway to success.
This article explains the connection between Radical Management and Storytelling. As a storyteller I find it natural to start with the stories. Why do human beings tell stories?
DNAReality is a strange thing. Sometimes it almost seems logical. But then in an instant somebody smiles at you or hurt your feelings or surprises you. You’re hit by an emotion and, because you’re hum…

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