Friday, June 12, 2009

I am choked - on behalf of my children I have to shout: Beware. Please look at this: Stein Bagger is accused of fraud for app. 150 mill. Euro. See the video of a star. He is cool, he is elegant and he ask the photographers: Did you get your pictures? And he turns around, so everyone can have the best shot. This world is really in a moral crisis.
Did any of the photographers ask them selves what they were doing?

Ronaldo - a soccer player is worth 150 mill. Euro. Crisis? What crisis?

I visited a special school and made them tell stories. Great lies and big creativity. Then I told them stories from my own life. One of the boys had told the teacher he did not want to tell stories and he thought it was a waste of time - he made a drawing of the TV set in my story about my sister, that you can read in my book, see - I told the teacher to start from there. Let them make drawings inspired by the story. He was delighted and filled with energy when I left him. It is going to be exciting to hear whether or not he succeed.

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