Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Year

I fear
New Year

I hope

(I know it doesn´t rhyme)

will give
us reason to believe

a new way
like a play

to do things together not alone
so the world will swim and not sink like a stone

The future depends if we can make it
without bureaucrats

(no rhyme there as well, I know!)

Look at the word, it looks like something from Disney - the bureaucrats

The film should have a very simple story line:
The bureaucrats will leave their offices
Throw away the papers with numbers and figures and controlling methods.

Then they will start live a life together with the real people

And they will apologize for all the effort that humanity gave to all this papers, excell documents, controls and academic waste of time and they will all start playing some wildly complicated jazz and we will all let them because playing wild complicated jazz does not harm people like papers, excell documents and controls.

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