Monday, January 04, 2010

Morning Exercise

When I start a workshop, I often start with morning exercise.
In a circle, max. 250 people, needs an equal number.

1. 2 and 2. Tell about this morning.
2. Get feed back from listener.
a. Clarest Picture in story
b. Say something about the way the story was told.

You can extrapolate the exercise, so you let participants turn around and then retell the story they just heard. Now with power, (some say lie, I never use that word!) and let the stories flow.
Same feed back + what was the story about?

End: Let the participants turn back to first partner and retell what they just heard, now like a tale. A king, a princess, a troll, a dragon - whatever make a good fairy tale.

I have used this exercise for years and it never fails.

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