Friday, January 08, 2010

What is the outcome of Narrative?

A very good friend of mine is the CEO of a little Green Tech Company in Hoersholm, Denmark. He overheard a conversation between me and a woman, that I don´t know so well. The topic of our conversation was my work with Business Narrative. And she asked me, what´s "in it for the organization"? I thought I gave her a very good explanation. But afterwards in the car my friend told me, that he was confused, because it wasn´t clear for him what benefits the company gained from my work.

We agreed on two things:
1. The people working in the company finds stories, that they can use in encounters with costumers and other stakeholders.
2. I give them techniques to become better in presenting the company and the values it represents.

It was great to hear my friend coaching me!

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